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Osmosis!  What now?
All boat yards and resin manufacturers advise 'an extensive wash and dry procedure'.

Drying the hull is the most critical phase of the treatment process.

If the hull cannot be dried, osmotic blisters will occur soon.

Last but not least, when blisters appear after an epoxy shield application drying the hull will be much more difficult ….

The solution: HotVac!

What is HotVac?
Osmosis is a real problem for owners of GRP boats.

Traditional treatment (atmospheric drying) often need many months out of the water waiting for the boat to dry.

To boat yards, tackling osmosis is a lengthy and continuing battle with osmotic blisters.

The results can be uncertain: often boats need to return for treatment within five years.... But not anymore!

A British invention revolutionises the treatment of osmosis, using a solution based on sound scientific and engineering principals.
HotVac is a patented treatment that applies heat and vacuum to vaporise impurities and moisture from the hull.

hotvac_machine2 (8K) Combining modest heat and high vacuum effectively lowers the vaporisation point of moisture and other impurities within the hull.
These impurities - a mixture of Propylene Glycol, Styrene and Organic Acids - are invariably the cause of blisters and subsequent damage to the hull.
This process ensures that GRP laminate is thoroughly cured without damaging heat, thus avoiding the risk of distortion of the hull shape.
It can actually restore structural strength too!

hull (5K) hot_vac_on_chines_small (12K) HotVac blankets hug the hull, forming an airtight seal and can be applied to any hull type profile.

  icon_video (1K) HotVac video

A uniform temperature controlled to +/- 1ºC is achieved using high performance electronics. The HotVac process is environmentally sound: no sprays, no polluting chemicals, and extremely quit to operate.

Four hours treatment of an effected area is often all that is required. A ten-meter boat can usually be treated and cured in under than ten days.

Programmable timer and temperature controls ensures treatment can be safely continued outside normal working hours.

HotVac Hull Cure is providing boat yards and boat owners with a new revolutionary and patented process for treating the problems and causes of osmosis.

HotVac puts your boat back to where it should be.

Why use HotVac?
· Reduce drying time to days, even with long term "hopeless cases".
· Remove osmosis and the causes of osmosis.
· Restore structural strength to the hull.
· Expose previously unseen stress cracks, mechanical damage and
  poorly consolidated reinforcement, when applicable.
· Post-cure of newly build hulls or hull repair work.

Still not convinced?
TramexAboveWLsmall (8K) TramexBelowWLnoHotVacYetsmall (9K) TramexBelowWLafterHotVacsmall (12K)
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Who to contact?
Mobile Hull Cure supplies boat yards and boat owners man and/or machines to provide the On-site HotVac osmosis treatment in Spain.

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