Second Opinion Services

Mobile Hull Cure supplies several Second Opinion Services :

There is a special page for the My Boat Does Not Dry ! matter.

The first and third service concern the Quality Control and Quality Assurance related aspects, rendered on behalf of the boat owner and/or (potential) new owner in case of e.g. absence, re-sale etc..

Osmosis Or Not ?                                       Get a Quote
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You want to know : "Do The Moisture Readings Drop ?" and you are, or you will be, absent when it is 'Time To Check'.

Or you want a clear, straight forward Second Opinion.

Whatever reason, you will be informed, in time, in detail.

Deal or No Deal ?                                       Get a Quote
Everything well, except …

You like to sell, but there is still 'a problem' to solve !
You like to buy, but 'what quality' will you get ?

"Is 50-50 cost split a realistic option ?"
Maybe, but whom is on the financial or qualitative driver seat ?
What is 'acceptable', what not ? And so on…

Prevent disputes, don't create them !
Avoid 'Problematic Procedures' while you can.

The issue here is : "How To Close The Deal ?"

Our proposition :
Go for the qualitative treatment, it will serve the wallet as well.

When you need someone to (co-)supervise the treatment process, all or part of it, we are a mouse click away.

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Service 1 : "Osmosis Or Not ?" check service
On-site monitoring of the hull moisture levels on an individual or interval basis and written report(s)

1 : insight of the hull condition
2 : your objective(s): … (in 'Useful Information')

Service 3 : "(Co-)Supervision of the treatment process"
On-site (co-)supervision of one/few/all stages of an osmotic hull repair

1 : Fast, Effective, Maximal Result, Minimal Expenses
2 : your objective(s): … (in 'Useful Information')
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